Asheville Weedcations

Coming Soon!

Asheville “Weed-cations” Coming Soon!

Asheville Weed-Cation

North Carolina is pretty much on the verge of legalizing marijuana, or so they say at least, and Asheville will surely have the biggest celebration in the State. Smoking weed is nothing new for some of you, but smoking it legally can get a little weird. After what happened in the Colorado tourism industry, and how it greatly expanded; Asheville is now primed and ready with everything in place, except the smoke.


Word on the streets in that the Asheville Police Department is already being trained on how to deal with the law change and how to deal with people who possess it. Then comes the Police Dogs that have been trained for years to hunt the weed down. Now they are going to have to retire (hopefully with full pay and benefits), or scientists will have to find a way to stop the dogs from sniffing for this plant.


Since Wicked Weed Brewing opened up in Asheville, I’ve always said that their brand is perfectly set to change to Wicked Weed & Brewing. Maybe they planned this, maybe they didn’t, but it could definitely work. But as far as we know now, North Carolina is planning on using the ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Control) stores & model to sell marijuana in the 9 ABC Stores in Asheville, and also across the State.


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