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Visit West Asheville, North Carolina – 3 Part Video Series

Asheville has been on the map for quite some time, but many of you have not experienced West Asheville. Come on, even some folks living in west Asheville have not taken the time to see all of the wonderful things it has to offer. G Social Media put this three part video series together and ...


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Watch The Asheville Community Video

[youtube id=”Er9MB7PYHvE”] We live in a wonderful community. Asheville North Carolina is known for many things including food, beer, mountains, and fun; but the community aspect pretty much encompasses them all. Sometimes when visiting you get a little taste of what it means, but you really have to be here for awhile to completely see …


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Asheville Drum Circle Video Goes Viral On Facebook

While walking around downtown Asheville this past Friday night, Ask Asheville made a quick stop at the Drum Circle. We immediately started taking video on one of our GoPro video cameras, but then we were stopped because the memory card was full. So we pulled out the old Samsung Galaxy 6, went to Facebook, and …


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The Promise – Welcome To Asheville

[youtube id=”EYkKM0h1nIc”] Asheville makes a promise, that you are welcomed here and will have a great experience to go along with you visit. When planning your vacation and travels, put us on your list as we have a community of great folks and businesses whose pleasure it is to accommodate you. Meet some of them …


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Long Lost Family finds Abby The Spoon Lady in Asheville after 35 Years Missing

This is such exciting news! Many of you know Abby The Spoon Lady of Asheville as she is involved in so many aspects of our community. From busking on the streets of downtown Asheville, to working with a radio channel in the area, to being featured in the Only in Asheville book, and so much …


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Asheville Coffee and Community – 24 Shops

The coffee culture in Asheville is definitely brewing and growing. Craft coffee is a lot like craft beer, it is made and handled with care. There are some spots that specialize on the light side with coffee, cookies, and pastries. Then there are restaurants and grocery stores in the community which feature local, organic coffee and …



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