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Hurricane Matthew Becomes Hurrication Asheville

As Hurricane Matthew was headed to the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina; many folks made an exodus to the mountains of Asheville North Carolina. Most people do not need an excuse to come to Western North Carolina, but it this case it was kind of mandatory to leave certain areas due to the …


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Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson & Zach Galifianakis Talk Asheville North Carolina

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/6F74z3xWpp8&sns=em” thumbnail=”13578″] It already goes without saying, that most people have a wonderful time when visiting Asheville North Carolina. Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson & Zach Galifianakis are interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel and talk a little about their experiences here while filming the Masterminds movie, and how great it really is. For those of us who …


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Masterminds Movie, Filmed In Asheville, Shows On September 30th

Many of you remember last year, when the Masterminds movie (originally titled Loomis Fargo) was being filmed all around the Asheville and WNC area. Zach Galifianakis (who replaced Jim Carrey in this film), Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and several others were seen all around town experiencing what Asheville has to offer. Now the time has come …


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Asheville Named #1 Hippie Hideout in America

Sure enough, in Asheville we are known for our hippies. Some have labeled us Hippie City USA, and others call Asheville… One Big Hippie Fest. I recently read on Twitter where someone said they finally found out where all of the hippies have gone, referring to Asheville North Carolina. Either way, if you have even …


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Pepsitown… Lovetown… Love Asheville!

After the Pepsi billboard in Asheville was vandalized, they had to strike back. They saw this as a marketing opportunity and made the folks grin for a minute when the new billboard went up. It simply says Love Asheville, which most of us cannot argue with. Believe me, Ashevillians will put up a fight when …


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The Hop Ice Cream Shop: Past, Present & Future in Asheville

If you have been around Asheville for any period of time, you have surely heard of, if not visited the Hop Ice Cream Shop. As a matter of fact, this month they are turning 36 years old. Talk about about foodie landmark in the community; this is it! The Hop began back in 1978 when …



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