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Photo: The Weather Channel in Downtown Asheville For Snowmageddon 2018

  The Weather Channel came into Asheville North Carolina for Blizzard 2018, or so it was supposed to be. We ended up with about 10 inches of snowfall, which was the perfect amount for a snow day, building snowwomen and snowmen, throwing snowballs, and having a great time.


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6 Amazing Outdoor Spots in the Asheville Area

Blue Ridge Mountains – These mountains provide for a calm and amazing atmosphere. On a clear day, it is obvious where the name originates from. The Blue Ridge Mountains features many summits with plenty of trails to choose from. Catawba Falls – Located only 20 minutes from Asheville, this waterfall is an attraction that is …


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Ambient Autumn in Appalachia

Mornings first rays greet a frozen foliage wonderland that’s dressed in it’s Sunday best, waiting for Mother Nature to sever her ties. Ah it is Autumn at last. The stink bugs are disappearing, and on occasion one can see her breath. Snow is just around the corner. Neighborhoods are buzzing with trick-or-treat plans, and dads …


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Asheville is just one BIG Hippie Festival!

It doesn’t take long for someone to walk around downtown Asheville and notice just how many hippies are out and about around town. And it is not just your average hippie either. As we had mentioned in our Asheville Hippie article years ago, there are many types of hippies around town. We have just touched …


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Aerial Photos of Asheville from the Helicopter

We recently made friends with Queen City Helicopters on Twitter. After seeing some of their beautiful aerial photography of the Asheville and WNC area, we had to share it with you. So here it is…    


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The Beautiful Biltmore Estate

This photo was taken last week, October 9th at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC, in the water gardens next to the house. The photographer, Jen Bowen, captures her daughter sitting in the foreground and enjoying a beautiful autumn day on grounds. This picture taken with a cell phone, no filter, just contrast adjustments. Thank you …



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