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Eating at Brooklyn Bros Pizza in South Asheville

  When traveling around on all ends of town, we try to find some food spots that folks are talking about. We had passed by Brooklyn Bros Pizza in south Asheville – Arden NC many times, but never stopped by. Finally, we did!   The Garlic Knots were great. Breads with Italian dinners in a …


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Two Days, Two Burgers, Too Good!

There are times we go for weeks at a time without a burger. Asheville has such a variety of food options that the choices are sometimes overwhelming. The past few days have not been one of those times. We actually stopped by two places and ordered a cheeseburger that made us very happy that we …


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Lunch at Sweeten Creek Brewing in South Asheville

So I was working today, and stuck doing so. That was until a tweet came across the screen from Sweeten Creek Brewing in South Asheville talking about their lunch specials. One was a ham with double Swiss cheese, and the other was hot shaved beef sub. So I abandoned ship and headed that way. I …


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New Eatery in South Asheville – Abeja’s House Cafe

The Asheville Foodie Movement is not only taking over downtown Asheville, but everywhere you look… North, South, East, West and even the outskirts of Buncombe County; delicious eateries are popping up left and right. While passing by one of our favorite wine shops, Table Wine of south Asheville, we noticed that Abeja’s House Cafe is getting …


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12 Stop Stroll Through Biltmore Park in South Asheville

Biltmore Park in South Asheville has proven to be a great spot for the whole family. Whether we are grabbing a bite to eat, having a business meeting, going to workout, or watching a movie; this spot has something for everyone. REI has plenty of stylish outdoor gear. The perfect spot to shop up, and …



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