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Asheville “Weed-cations” Coming Soon!

North Carolina is pretty much on the verge of legalizing marijuana, or so they say at least, and Asheville will surely have the biggest celebration in the State. Smoking weed is nothing new for some of you, but smoking it legally can get a little weird. After what happened in the Colorado tourism industry, and …


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A Delicious Experience on the Brevard Bites Food Tours

Asheville is just the beginning. After you have experienced many of the things that Asheville has to offer, you may want to check out some of the neighboring cities and towns. Western North Carolina features a bunch of places where you can spend the day, or a few days, and get to know the many …


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Western North Carolina is in Full Bloom!

Yes, Western North Carolina is in full bloom! Have you been out taking photographs of the wildflowers or perhaps just enjoying them? If so I have a great resource for you on how to identify them! Considered to be the classic botanical handbook inside you will find color images of hundreds of flowers, trees, shrubs, …


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Welcome to Fabulous Weaver-Vegas

Letters from Asheville and Beyond: A Fictional Journey into Western North Carolina by Ellen J. Perry. Part Four: “Welcome to Fabulous Weaver-Vegas” dedicated to Abigail Hickman, Wanda Wilson, and Connie Wilson. Dear Nicky, You know how I like to be spontaneous. Well, me and Shelby ventured out of Asheville on the spur of the moment today and found Weaverville, the …


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A Visit To Chimney Rock

My husband has a brochure problem. Every stinkin’ time we are in a hotel on one of our many adventures, he looks for a brochure display and gets himself a thick stack of them to familiarize himself with the highlights of the area. The car is full of them. Three years in a row he picked up …


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10 Waterfalls to Visit Near Asheville, NC

Hooker Falls – Located in DuPost State Forest. The easy hiking trail has made it one of the most popular waterfalls in the area. From the main parking lot, use the trail to the right and follow the signs to reach the falls. The trail is about a quarter of a mile. Upon getting close …



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