Deliciousness at the Blue Ridge Biscuit Company in Black Mountain NC

Blue Ridge Biscuit Company Black Mountain NC

We had heard a bunch of great things about Blue Ridge Biscuit Company in Black Mountain, that it was put on our list to try for awhile now. Our teams had been spending lots of time in several other cities and small towns, so we have yet to make our rounds to Black Mountain; but soon!

When we walked in, the menu on the wall took us by surprise, and there were so many good things to eat. The staff made sure we knew that we can also customize any order, mix stuff up, or whatever.


Chicken Biscuit at Blue Ridge Biscuit Company

These chicken biscuit sandwiches were absolutely incredible. I need this place closer to me!


Waffle & Biscuit and Gravy

And the kids wanted a waffle, fruit, and biscuits & gravy. So that is exactly what they got. And I took a few bites out of the biscuit & gravy plate, and it was so good. This restaurant is a must-eat stop if you are visiting the Asheville and Black Mountain areas of WNC!

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