Long Lost Family finds Abby The Spoon Lady in Asheville after 35 Years Missing

Abby The Spoon Lady Asheville Family

This is such exciting news! Many of you know Abby The Spoon Lady of Asheville as she is involved in so many aspects of our community. From busking on the streets of downtown Asheville, to working with a radio channel in the area, to being featured in the Only in Asheville book, and so much more! Abby is family to us.

But something happened the other day. Her biological family found her after 35 years. She was given up for adoption and her family did not know where she was. Here is what Angel Ann Brazeal wrote in her Facebook post:

Ignore my teary eyes! In 1981 my aunt Orma Jean gave up a beautiful baby girl for adoption. Her name is Abby. And tonight I met her in North Carolina for the first time. Her build and smile remind me so much of my grandma Jan! I am so thankful for the opportunity to watch her play the most incredible music! I cannot wait for lunch tomorrow, and hopefully many more times together!

Congratulations to Abby and the rest of the family on being reunited!

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