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A Delicious Dinner at Luella’s Barbecue in North Asheville

Luella’s is definitely one of our favorite go-to places if we are in the mood for barbecue. We stopped in tonight and as we were getting seated, I heard Aaron LaFalce playing the guitar, and you can watch the performance by clicking here. So we sat down and were greeted by Aniela, who then took …


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Football, Wings & More at Wild Wing Cafe Asheville

The other night we wanted to get out for a few, and we wanted to see some football. I guess you can say that we are not sports fans, but knowing that the Carolina Panthers have come this far calls for us to celebrate right along with it. I grew up in a home where …


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Hungry Man Takes a Bite Out of Asheville!

Hungry Man’s Guide has been making trips to Asheville a lot lately. Maria had the privilege of catching up with him the other day to talk about Savannah, Asheville, business, and food of course. Then he got hungry, the meeting abruptly ended, and he ran off to eat. Here are some of his recent adventures: …


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Asheville Cider at Urban Orchard on Haywood Rd

We had not really gotten on the cider wagon. Living in Asheville nowadays, you gravitate to craft beer for the most part. And rightly so. After Beer City USA happened, the craft drinking scene in our community was embedded in our hearts and souls, which led to our mouths and down our throats. Along with that, …


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Asheville Beer & Brewery Tours Galore!

As you may already know, Asheville’s hippie name is simply put… BEER! Breweries, beer stores, beer bars, desserts with beer, beer cycle, beer soap, beer battered fish & chips, beer ice cream and just about whatever else you can think of. I have not been able to find any beer cologne, but that is most …



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